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Clydesdale Tails

Wandering about distractedly

Professional librarian, amateur (but published) writer, dabbler in other arts, owned by many pets including three horses, eight sheep, two dogs, and two cats. Old enough to know better, still young enough (sometimes) not to care. Decidedly not a Christian or a conservative, but still unpredictable (or "enigmatic" as a few friends put it.) Gay, mated for 28 years and counting, mildly reclusive but curious. Should be enough to start, eh?

Oh, yeah. I'm only a sort of "avatar" here on LJ. Friend me if you like, but it doesn't really do anything because as an OpenID user I'm not able to post real entries here. I used to have a LiveJournal account, but I've frozen it off. You can find that one here. For my current journal, try me over at Dreamwidth.org, or subscribe to the altivo_dw_feed.


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